What a Wolf’s Heart Decides by Amy Pennza (ePUB)

wolf's heart decides, amy pennza

What a Wolf’s Heart Decides (Lux Catena #4) by Amy Pennza – Free eBooks Download


Haley the Giftless.
That’s what the wolves in her pack call Haley Michaels—former latent werewolf and current supernatural failure. In a species where every pureblooded werewolf is born with a gift, she’s a magical dud. With her prospects of finding a lifemate at pretty much zero, she’s prepared to spend her twenty-first birthday—and all the birthdays thereafter—alone. But when an eligible bachelor from another pack asks her to visit, she’s willing to fly across the country to meet him. She’s also willing to overlook his bad-tempered Alpha. Rude, brooding, and covered in scars, he’s a beast every time they cross paths. So why can’t she stop crossing him?

An Alpha alone.
Bard Bennett is alone—and that’s exactly the way he prefers it. As Alpha of an isolated territory with a declining population, he’s got too many problems to babysit a female looking for a love match. There are so many reasons he should send her home. She’s half his age, she ignores all his orders, and she has a frustrating habit of ending up in mortal danger. She’s also smart, beautiful, and absolutely captivating. When a threat from his past resurfaces unexpectedly, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. He just has to remember he can’t keep her…

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