Wet Screams by Hank Edwards (ePUB)

wet screams, hank edwards

Wet Screams (Critter Catchers: Level Up #2) by Hank Edwards – Free eBooks Download


A small business in legal trouble.
A town harboring another deadly secret.
Two men once again called to fight a frightening creature.

Best friends turned husbands Cody Bower and Demetrius Singleton have seen a dip in their business since the zombie uprising earlier that summer. The family of one of the zombies dispatched by Cody has filed a civil lawsuit against him and their Critter Catchers business, and the case is causing more than a little stress. While it has yet to affect their relationship, it is definitely affecting their income.

When two people drown out at Parson’s Pond, Sheriff’s Deputy Lucia Durant comes knocking at their door asking for their insight. Reluctant at first to get involved, the two soon realize they may have no choice as mysterious incidents continue to occur throughout town.

Finally, with some help from their dependable friends and family members, Cody and Demetrius dig into the cases. As the date for a verdict on the civil case closes in, they come face to face with a dangerous and insidious monster which has set its sights on them and everyone they know.

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