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They’ve been best friends since childhood… Now, Robert’s new “condition” might push their relationship to a whole other level. Robert Allen is a werewolf. After an incident back in Scotland, he now has to worry about the full moon, check if he broke the train’s doors, and be constantly overwhelmed by his roommate’s scent. She clings to every corner of their flat. Her clothes, her hair, her skin—all Robert can smell is Sara. All he wants is Sara. Too bad he can’t jeopardise their friendship! It doesn’t matter if old feelings grow stronger day by day. If his wolf wants her all for his own. Sara probably doesn’t feel the same. And after her past relationship, how could he ever ask her for something more? He has to control himself. No matter how attempted he might be to take her. Sara Ramos is roommates with Robert, her best friend and a newly turned werewolf! Their life now requires new rules to handle his “condition”. But Sara stands by Robert. She cares for him, why wouldn’t she? He’s her friend. It’s not like she’s in love with him or something. Of course not. And even if she was, he definitely doesn’t feel the same. What if she heard him howling out her name during the full moon? What if she heard him coming apart? It’s just some weird werewolf biology, right? Besides, she has other things to worry about. Like finishing her thesis. And handling an ex-boyfriend who just won’t leave her alone. Things won’t change between them, she’s sure of it. No matter how much she wants to.

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