Wedding Disaster by B. B. Hamel (ePUB)

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Wedding Disaster (Costa Crime Family #2) by B. B. Hamel – Free eBooks Download


Marrying my player boss was not part of the plan.
Conlan Costa screwed up again. He’s rich, gorgeous, powerful, charming, and the man can’t keep it in his pants.
When he bangs the wrong girl and gets in deep trouble, he turns to me for help.
I’ve been Con’s personal assistant for three years, and I’ve seen the worst of him: vain, greedy, self-destructive, and worse.
Yes, he’s got abs like a brick wall and a face that would make a Renaissance painter swoon, but he’s everything I despise in a man.
All he wants is a casual marriage to help soothe some bruised egos. In exchange, he’ll pay off my debt and leave me with an enormous chunk of cash.
I plan on running the first chance I get, except I start to see the man underneath all those cocky jokes: passionate, caring, devoted to his family.
When he touches my wrist and whispers in my ear, my body lights on fire in a way I’ve never felt before.
My new fake husband is a walking red flag.
And if I were smart, I wouldn’t crawl into his bed at night seeking the safety of his arms, definitely wouldn’t kiss him when I wake up in the morning, and sure as heck wouldn’t let his hands roam places I should never let him touch.

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