Wedded Or Worse by Brynn Paulin (ePUB)

wedded or worse, brynn paulin

Wedded Or Worse by Brynn Paulin – Free eBooks Download


Married to the Enemy. Sounds like a Lifetime movie, but it’s my life. Sort of.

Growing up in the Santori household, I was always aware of Maverick Santori. We were playmates then companions. Until I turned sixteen. Then suddenly, it was as if he hated me. Every smile received a glare in return. Any touch resulted in a recoil. Fine. Who needed him? So I just got on with my life. Problem was, he was always in my space, chasing everyone away.

Now, we both work for the Silver Falls Police Department, and we’ve been assigned the same case. Kill. Me. Now. Okay, I probably shouldn’t say that. We have to act like a married couple to lure out a group of dangerous criminals. And I’m the bait. And Maverick needs to keep me safe while bringing down the crooks.

I’m not sure what’s worse: being bait, trusting Maverick, or having to act as if I’m in love with him.

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