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Wedded and Finally Bedded (Wedding Season) by Olivia Hawthorne – Free eBooks Download


Princess Sarah I needed a husband.
Or should I say my kingdom of Bosnovia needed a royal wedding to stir up tourism and bring in enough money to replenish the royal coffers.
The problem was that I picked at random out of a book of bachelors, and the man I picked was a coarse American bad boy with tattoos and a beard and no clue how to exist in this strict, regulated world of mine.
I never used to like tattoos and men with rough edges, but I am beginning to…
But how do I tell him I might want to make this wedding official after the way I’ve treated him?
Vincent Othello I needed a wife.
If I wanted to take over our family’s multi-billion dollar business empire, not that I really wanted to.
I enjoyed my lifestyle of partying hard and playing harder, a new woman in my bed each night and no cares in the world as long as the money kept coming in.
My parents were going to put a stop to the money if I didn’t grow up though, and they set their sights on getting the Othellos a royal title.
The problem was that when I saw Princess Sarah, I fell for her. And I fell hard.
Her look of disgust let me know where I stood though, so I went through with the sham wedding in name only.
But what happens when I can’t stop thinking about her?
And wanting her?
And needing her in our marriage bed?
Will I ever be able to convince her to say yes a second time?

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