Weaving Fate by Octavia Kore (ePUB)

weaving fate, octavia kore

Weaving Fate (Guardians of Inore #1) by Octavia Kore – Free eBooks Download


A web of lies. A broken vow. And two souls whose fates have been woven together.

Growing up in the foster system taught Clara how to be resilient. She learned how to adapt to all sorts of situations, but she wasn’t at all prepared for what life would throw at her. Alien abduction, painful experimentations, and the loss of her hearing are just the tip of the iceberg. Escaping her captors should have been the end of her worries, but Clara finds herself a prisoner once more when she’s taken by a terrifying beast in the forest. The alien she wakes up to is broody and distant, but it doesn’t take long for her to uncover the possessive, hungry male hidden within.

The sacred vows he made as a child were supposed to last a lifetime. Being made a guardian means never taking a mate, so why does Zaheer’s guardian insist that this hideous little alien female belongs to them? Wanting her goes against everything the priests have taught him, but the harder he fights against the threads of their bond, the more tangled their web becomes. Zaheer has more important things to worry about than fighting a battle of wills with his guardian, but when one of his pack members goes missing, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

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