We Really Shouldn’t By Amy Cummings (ePUB)

we really shouldn't, amy cummings

We Really Shouldn’t By Amy Cummings – Free eBooks Download


I shouldn’t be head-over-heels in love with Shawn. On paper, he’s perfect. Handsome. Sexy. A rich surgeon. And—most importantly—he’s a protective, stern Daddy—just like I dream about. So what’s the problem?
Well, for starters, he’s thirty years older than me.
Also—and this is a big one—his son is married to my sister.
Yep. You read that right.
See? Even though he’s everything I’ve ever wanted, we can’t be together. But that’s not going to stop me from trying…

I need to stay away from Willow. She’s only 21 years old. I’ve already crested 50. Sure, she’s a Little who needs a Daddy to cherish, discipline, and guide her. But it would never work. That age gap is just too much. But that’s the least of my worries.
My son. Married to her sister. It all feels so wrong.
Yet I just can’t seem to give this little girl up.
Even though wisdom tells me to leave her alone and get the hell away, I can’t bring myself to actually do it. She’s the Little I’ve been looking for.
It’s complicated. And this twisted road I’m going down might lead to heaven. Or it might just take me straight to damnation…

We Really Shouldn’t is a taboo, Age Gap, DDlg quick read romance. It has all the sweetness of a typical Amy Cummings story, plus an extra dash of naughtiness. If this is your jam, then sit back and enjoy some pure reading comfort food. If such offends you, you best find your reading enjoyment elsewhere.
Have fun, Cuties!

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