We are the Strong by MJ Nightingale (ePUB)

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We are the Strong (The 12th Factor #1) by Alyssa Marie, MJ Nightingale – Free eBooks Download


Decades after a war that tore the country apart, New America is filled with dark secrets hidden behind deceiving smiles and polished shoes. This is the America that Thomas Kent and Regina Banks can’t live in any longer—nor can their team of outcasts.
New America is controlled by an elite, mysterious organization with a puppet for a president. They have plans to make America great again and will stop at nothing to make their vision happen. They’ve also built a wall meant to keep people safe and protect what’s theirs. With a sweet-sounding voice on Wolf Radio meant to soothe the masses and make people feel safe, they are taking control over everything. But, living in the shadows of New America are diverse people with remarkable talents, and abilities. The oligarchy in power wants them permanently behind their borders, silenced, or destroyed.
Despite all this, 9 remarkable teenagers vow to live in the shadows no longer, and unveil the truth that is the 12th Factor. But, will anybody listen? Will others join the fight?

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