Was I Ever Real by Naomi Loud (ePUB)

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Was I Ever Real (Was I Ever Here #2) by Naomi Loud – Free eBooks Download


I crave salvation but all he wants are my sins.
Thirteen years ago, I ran away from a cult, Sacro Nuntio, and became Lenix Taylor.
Everyone knows me as a free spirit. Always up for a good time but never the one to be tied down. Except no one knows about the horrible sins rotting in my past. Or how I killed the leader of Sacro Nuntio–my father–in cold blood.
I’m comfortable in my life of secrets and lies. But the past never stays where it should for long.
Now, after all this time, my brother has found me and is threatening to drag me back to punish me for my crime.
Escaping from that life was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But staying free proves more difficult than expected when it involves the only person powerful enough to protect me—Connor Maxwell.
He’s Noxport’s most feared crime boss, and also the most arrogant, frustrating man I’ve ever met.
Despite his infuriating grins and incessant need to call me darling, I strike a deal with him, and seal my fate to his.
Before long, I will need to choose between the devil I know and the devil I married.

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