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warwick, taylor rylan

Warwick (Paranormal Council Enforcers #3) by Taylor Rylan – Free eBooks Download


Can a sweet omega and a grumpy hellhound possibly be perfect for one another? Will Warwick’s overly protective nature be too much for Cecil or be exactly what he needs?

Warwick Ashwood is by far the largest of the hellhounds in his pack, in both human and beast form. That, coupled with his less-than-inviting nature, has most people avoiding him if at all possible. His beast has started acting up, and he’s not sure if it’s because he feels disconnected or the fact that his beast seems preoccupied with the omega clinic. When forced to take a week off, Warwick unexpectedly discovers a dirty coven.
Cecil Medved is from an incredibly powerful and ancient line. As the great-grandson of the created polar bear, you would expect his life to have been happy and ideal. That couldn’t be further from the truth though, and Cecil has done everything he can to work through the years of abuse his parents put him through. But perhaps his mistake had been not letting the created polar bear know.
Warwick and Cecil couldn’t be more opposite from one another. But fate has decided they are a team, and they’re going to do their best to figure out how to mesh their lives together. But with a new looming threat from Europe and surprises closer to home, can they make things work despite unexpected changes in their relationship?

Warwick is Book Thirteen in the Paranormal Council Enforcers series. Each book in this series will focus on a different couple, but these books are not standalones and should be read in order as there is an ongoing backstory that won’t be resolved quickly. This is a fated mate story in an MPreg world, and there will be at least one baby in this story. You should expect all the normal shenanigans, heats, biting, and remember that sometimes even fated mates need a little help.

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