Warriors of Phaeton, Vol. Two by Leora Gonzales (ePUB)

warriors phaeton 2, leora gonzales

Warriors of Phaeton, Vol. Two (Books #4-6) by Leora Gonzales – Free eBooks Download


Warriors of Phaeton: Finch
Claudia is living every single mom’s dream… well, not really, but she’s the type to see the glass half-full. Working the night shift to make ends meet, she barely gets by with help from her best friend and her steady cleaning job.
Finch knew that he would eventually get a bride…he just didn’t expect that it would start with a kidnapping. One thing he does know is that he can’t keep the curvy Claudia out of his head, especially when he craves the feeling of her beneath his battle-hardened body whenever he goes to bed.
When Finch is given the chance to save Claudia from an unseen threat, he takes charge and hustles her right off planet Earth without her permission or that of the Phaeton council.
His actions have consequences, but the big question is: who will pay for them?

Warriors of Phaeton: Hix
The gal with the worst luck in the world…
Maggie never had any intention of getting mixed up with the Bridal Pact, the Phaeton’s, or all the crap that came with volunteering for the government’s mail-order bride program. She was perfectly content inside her little bubble. Unfortunately, the Verge didn’t get that memo. Believing she knows more about the recent attack on the Bridal Pact’s Intake Center than she actual does, they took it upon themselves to tie her up like one of their loose ends. Literally. Another glaring testament to her rotten luck.
Hix, a newly christened Verge warrior, realized he made a mistake the minute he left his Phaeton brothers behind when he defected to the Verge. Enthralled with the raspy-voiced captive, Hix knows that he will do anything to keep her safe.

Warriors of Phaeton: Paine and Rowe
Signing up for the Phaeton Bridal Pact has been the worst decision of Indigo’s life. Never ending nightmares of what her selfishness almost cost her looped endlessly in her mind. She’s certain the only returning home to Earth will set her free.
Skrammon berserkers, Paine and Rowe had no idea what they were missing. Indulging in pleasure… but never getting attached until they wanted a wife to call their own. When they finally are gifted with one, nothing can keep them away. Not even the fact that she’s under the protection of a neighboring alien race.

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