Warriors of Phaeton: Axis by Leora Gonzales (ePUB)

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Warriors of Phaeton: Axis by Leora Gonzales – Free eBooks Download


As the Phaeton’s master interrogator, Axis was often called upon to handle the most difficult missions. His natural ability to sniff out lies, plus his intense training, had never let him down.

Until it did.

Questioning his place amongst the brethren he’d failed, the Skrammon warrior has been living on the planet Euphoria in the Pleasure Sector trying to work through his mistakes. Although technically on leave, the Phaeton Council requested one small favor in exchange for the free time he’d been granted.

Keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Nova Rodriguez is more than a little unusual, and that’s not counting the fact that she’s a human imprisoned in a space brothel. The details on how she ended up in a whorehouse versus her original destination are more than a little murky, but one thing is completely clear: she needs to get the f$#% off this planet before Cruum, the gross alien master with a penchant for torture, sells her off to the highest bidder.

With sheer determination, the help of a couple of sex kittens, and a list of rules to live by, Nova comes up with a plan: find a Phaeton—preferably the one she’d seen in the market and can’t stop thinking about—and convince him to help her. Not only does her life depend on it, so do the lives of the other two women Cruum has already sold.

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