Wanting the Im-Paw-sible by J. D. Light (ePUB)

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Wanting the Im-Paw-sible (CREA #3) by J. D. Light – Free eBooks Download


When did Drew Lane grow up?
As the oldest of the leap children, Harper Long was the designated babysitter growing up, which is why he is struggling so much with the fact that the youngest of the group is a grown man now. Like really grown. Like how does he even find supportive underwear with all that?
Unrequited crushes are rough.
Drew has had a crush on Harper since he was in high school and he would purposely walk by the studio just to watch the man paint shirtless through the giant window. Harper has always been so sweet to him, but lately, the man will barely stay in the room with him unless he is in his bear form, and Drew is just desperate enough for Harper’s attention, he’ll happily stay a bear forever if that’s what it takes to keep the man around.
The chosen are still in danger, and even though he knows Harper’s family will protect him, Drew can’t just leave it for someone else. His bear won’t let him. Is this just a stupid crush that he hasn’t grown out of, or something else?

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