Wanted in Texas by Sandy Appleyard (ePUB)

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Wanted in Texas (Big Heart, Small Town Address #8) by Sandy Appleyard – Free eBooks Download


Two people bad at relationships. Two criminals at large. As authorities vie for peace, two hearts struggle to unite. It seems like it will take a miracle…and then one happens.

My brother Will, as much as I love him, he’s a thorn in my side. I feel like I’m spending more time visiting him at the jail house than I am at my own house. He’s becoming more cocky, unappreciative, and then he grows a pair and becomes downright sneaky, right under my nose. But the man behind the counter at the courthouse is no fool. I soon find out that he’s also Kate’s brother, Clay, and if I thought my brother Will’s life was a mess, Clay is no match. Until I learn something about him that I didn’t think any other man could teach me. And then there’s no turning back.
There’s something about this jailbird that rubs me the wrong way. He’s got his sister wrapped around his scrawny little finger and it irks me to no end. Denice is not to be played with, and she’s got nerves of steel. I only wish I did, too. Making matters worse, I find out that my estranged sister Kayla is coming home, and I’m suddenly cloaked with the burden of watching her. It’s tough when adults behave worse than children, and it seems like Denice and I have common ground on that front. But no matter what they do, nothing can prepare me for the stunt that Will pulls next, and for what Denice tells me moments before that.

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