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Wall St. Tease (The Curves of Wall St. #4) by Megan Wade – Free eBooks Download


I never thought of myself as a lucky person. When you’re twenty-five and your peak-career moment is working as a coat-check girl at a New York strip club, lucky is probably the last word you’d use to describe yourself. But as luck would have it, the worst job I’ve ever had is also the reason I’m in the right place at the right time to run smack-bam into billionaire venture capitalist, Carson Myles.
I’d like to say that this is my fairytale princess moment, and the billionaire takes one look at me and declares me to be his true love. But instead, it’s my Pretty Woman moment, where the billionaire takes one look at me and offeres me a bunch of cash to be his fake girlfriend to an important business event that could make or break his career.
No problem. This man is so hot that I’m willing to be his fake anything. I jump at the opportunity.
The plan is simple – for one night, I stand by his side, smile and project the vision of a dotting longterm girlfriend so his bosses see him as a dependable man they’re willing to take a bet on. It all seems easy enough.
Until his bosses ask me a direct question and my wild imagination kicks in. I not only put on a fake accent, but I also spin a web of lies about my imaginary travels around the world with my fake jet-setting parents. I can hear myself, and I try my best to stop my mouth from running, but it’s turning this sprint into a marathon and I don’t quite know how to stop it.
But not all is lost, somehow I’ve gotten us invited to the Swiss Alps to ski with some of the wealthiest people in the investment world. It’ll be amazing for Carson’s career, and since I’ve never left New York, heading to Switzerland sounds like a dream.
But there’s a catch – I’ve never skied before, and I have to keep up the pretense I’ve created, including the accent, while also pretending to be head-over-heels in love with Carson.
The last part isn’t so hard, but living on top of each other for an entire week means the lines between reality and fiction start to blur.
I find myself falling for Carson for real. But I struggle to trust his feelings are genuine. Is he falling for me, or is he falling for the fake version of me I created to impress his bosses?
As we get closer, I’m feeling more and more in over my head. I’m torn between maintaining the charade to help Carson, and unapologetically being myself the way I always promised myself I’d be.
But as luck would have it, that choice isn’t even in my hands…

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