Waiting for Dessert by Luna Drake (ePUB)

waiting for dessert, luna drake

Waiting for Dessert by Luna Drake – Free eBooks Download


For a woman so used to being in control, you’d think love would be easy to tame… but you’d be wrong.

Vivienne Huang has a successful career, a beautiful home, and a blossoming relationship with Ash, her gorgeous sub. Yet none of it came easy, and the walls she’s built around herself are tough to crack.
Vivienne keeps professional and personal strictly separate, but when her boss asks her to host an important corporate dinner at home, it sets the two halves of Vivienne’s world on a collision course, and forces her to confront the truths from which she’s been hiding.
Ash sees things differently. For him, it’s simple. He adores his Miss and wants to be part of her life, but he’s starting to realize just how tightly wound Vivienne is, and how much harder it might be than he imagined for her to truly let him in. And yet, if they make it, the rewards promise to be sweeter than anything either of them dared hope for.

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