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Visions (Fated Sight #1) by Elle Lincoln – Free eBooks Download


My mouth doesn’t want to stay quiet.

In fact, I have a lot to ask.
Like why I feel ravenous all of a sudden. Not for food either. For a four-letter word that rhymes with lick.
Don’t act all coy, we all know what I’m talking about, and I just so happen to have four very delicious men vying for my attention.
My ex, Pim, who stole my heart and my fear when he chose to become a shade rather than spend endless days worshipping my body.
Greyson, who wants my heart and not just my lady taco. Well, if he isn’t going to give it up, then he needs to stop walking around in that fireman gear because… damn.
Oh, and Hades, who has that whole bad boy persona going for him, but he’s a secret teddy bear at heart. I want to see if I can bring the God of the Underworld to his knees.
Then there is Apollo, who is a rage monster hell-bent on making me his when I want to make him mine instead.
It’s a shame my world went crazy and weird things keep happening all around me, because I definitely have better things to do. Or rather men.
Who do I have to kill for a few moments of peace so I, Nessa, can claim these creatures as mine?

VISIONS is book 1 of 4 in a slow burn reverse harem romance with so much sexual tension, it’ll leave you panting for more.
Oh… And a Cliffhanger. If you’re new here, sorry not sorry. If you aren’t, you totally knew this was coming.

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