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violet slays, lexi c foss

Violet Slays (Vampire Dynasty) by Lexi C. Foss – Free eBooks Download


Eliminate Vampiric Influences Everywhere.
That’s my life.
My job.
My entire world.
I fell victim to a vampire once. He used me to commit the ultimate crime of betrayal. A consequence I’ve lived with for over a century thanks to the immortality amulet around my neck.
Now I slay every bloodsucker in sight.
Which is why they call me the “demon of the night.”
My E.V.I.E. boss has a new assignment for me—some errant vamp causing issues in New York City. No problem. I’ll handle this pest like I have the countless leeches before him.
Only this is no ordinary vampire.
It’s Cassius.
My former lover.
My betrayer.
The royal vampire who seduced me into a forbidden affair that nearly ended my life.
Seeing him again is a blow to the chest, one I intend to return with a stake through his dead heart.
Because I don’t do second chances, a fact Cassius is about to learn the hard way.
Stake up, friends. It’s going to be a bloody ride.

Author’s Name: Violet Slays previously released with the E.V.I.E. Anthology.

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