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Violet Crown (Violet Crown #1) by BV Sloan – Free eBooks Download


Can she save her realm before there’s nothing left?

After a decade of fighting a war she believed would never end, Alora finds herself scouring her land for the man she loves most. A man torn from her in the streets. The only man she believes can bring them peace. Hiding among her enemies, Alora will stop at nothing to get him back…
Until she’s forced to work with her worst nightmare – Bodhi, an ancient and powerful warrior, whose sworn duty is to protect the humans and slaughter the fae. A creature bred to hate her above all others. If he uncovers her secret, she’ll be executed and her realm at the mercy of its enemies.
When a monsoon washes away her disguise, revealing her truth to him, Alora must make a choice. Kill the silver-eyed man whose scent and voice ignite something deep inside or risk losing her home.
Knife in hand, she makes a decision that will change her stars.

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