Violent Heart by Candace Wondrak (ePUB)

violent heart, candace wondrak

Violent Heart (A Death So Sweet #3) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


Revenge. Torture. Hate.
No good men live in this city. Only bad men and worse—and those who are worse will get what’s coming to them, even if I have to die trying.
You know my name by now. I never was an angel, and I plan on proving that again before death catches up with me. I’ve killed countless, and before this thing is over, I’ll kill more. I’ll destroy them all.
The Bloody Princess wants me to kill the remaining Luciano sons, but what she doesn’t know is they have my heart, as violent as it is. Maddox, Sylvester, even Viper—I will become their instrument of vengeance. No one will touch them. I will burn this city down if I have to, even if it means I’ll be caught in the blaze.
I never feared death. I’ve searched for it all my life. The Night Slayer is about to go head-to-head with the new head of the DeLuca family. I wish I could say she’s a worthy opponent… but that b*tch has no idea just how brutal and crazy I can be.
No one threatens me or my guys.

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