Violent Demand by Ariana Nash (ePUB)

violent demand, ariana nash

Violent Demand (Blackrose Brotherhood #3) by Ariana Nash – Free eBooks Download


Cast out and hunted by the Brotherhood, Octavius is on borrowed time. He has one chance to prove his innocence, one chance to put things right, before Mikalis hunts him down and executes him.
He must find Saint.
But the Brotherhood member-turned-nyk whom they all seem to fear, is unlikely to make it easy. Still, Octavius has nothing left to lose. He will recapture Saint, or die trying.
Saint has seen it all. He doesn’t care why or how he was freed from the Brotherhood’s captivity. He just wants to gorge and f*ck his way toward the impending apocalypse. Is that too much to ask?
The Brotherhood member that’s following him? The quick, vicious, but curiously alluring one with a shock of white hair? He doesn’t matter to Saint. If he gets too close, Saint will finish him. Because the last thing Saint wants or needs is to get dragged back behind bars. If that happens, this time, with everything he knows about their fearless leader, Mikalis, Saint will tear the Brotherhood apart.
Octavius needs to stay away for his own good, because if Saint catches him, he just might teach him what it truly means to be nyktelios. And how the Brotherhood has been lied to for millennia.
Besides, what does it matter, when none of them have long left to live…

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