Vincent’s Bulletproof Secret by Jean Marie (ePUB)

vincent's bulletproof, jean marie

Vincent’s Bulletproof Secret (Lucky Luca Ranch #5) by Jean Marie – Free eBooks Download


I don’t repeat any bad decisions…
Even when they come in the form of an irresistible man.
A man that treats me like his queen.
Is patient, kind, and understanding. But also protective.
Yes, I’ve been in love before.
That beautiful dream turned into a horrifying nightmare.
And my ex bailed as soon as I saw those two pink lines.
Now after all this time he’s back and he wants our twins all to himself.
I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening.
So would Vincent.
I thought I handled the situation, so Vincent promised to keep my secret.
Only for it to walk right through my door and nearly beat me to death.
But Vincent came to my rescue once again.
He cared for me when I was injured and took care of my kids when I couldn’t.
I tried but I could never win this fight alone.
Will he be able to save us from this evil man and accept my twins as his own? Or will greed win this fight?

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