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Quinn is not at all what I picture when I think of a porn star. She looks fresh-faced and youthful, with an amazing, natural body, and she’s both smart and independent. She’s even a great mom, as far as I can tell.

I’m too professional to say it, but even if this weren’t a job, I’d have the urge to protect her…maybe even do more than that.
But I need to focus on keeping her safe. I’m forcing myself not to notice the erotic way her body moves, her incredible sexiness, her delicious naked body spread out on that bed…

Wow… this is a little more intense than what I signed up for.


The first time I lock eyes with my new bodyguard, I’m sprawled out on a massive bed in the studio, just wrapping up a shoot. To his credit, those gorgeous dark eyes are fixed on my face, not my naked body. And I see no judgment in them, so I guess it could be worse.
Even in my line of work, most women don’t need a bodyguard. But I’ve had a creepy stalker for some time now, and this tall, dark, silent cliché seems like the best way to protect myself – and my daughter.

There are just a few issues. I mean, Dragon Security is supposed to be the best in the biz, but what do I really know about this guy? He’s not a big talker, kind of aloof actually, and if I had to guess he’s probably haunted by some kind of dark past. And he demands complete control over my life, which I guess I understand…but I don’t have to like it.

But the biggest issue is probably that he’s so damn sexy. I know – I should be used to it, right?

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