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Villain and the Geek (The Wolf’s Mate #6) by L.C. Davis, Joel Abernathy – Free eBooks Download


For nerdy bookworm Devon, agreeing to become the villainous werewolf warlord’s mate isn’t just a matter of self-sacrifice–it’s living the dream.

Unfortunately, his new life in Grayridge isn’t quite like his fantasies. Constantine is so much colder than he was in the dreams that summoned Devon to him, and his ruthless, militant packmates aren’t exactly accepting of the outsider.
Especially when Devon himself suspects he might be a defective omega. But after spending most of his life in his brother’s shadow, Devon isn’t about to let his Main Character Moment ™ pass him by without a fight.

Author’s Note: This is the sixth serial installment of The Wolf’s Mate series, and part one of Villain and the Geek, which is Devon and Constantine’s story arc. Devon and Constantine are the only two POV characters, but you’ll recognize plenty of familiar faces from previous stories in the series. Prepare for one irresistibly redeemable (?) villain, a lovable nerd who’s convinced he’s a defective omega, intrusive family members, and omegaverse shenanigans.

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