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vigilante, cassa daun

Vigilante (Sanguine Heart #4) by Cassa Daun – Free eBooks Download


I never intended to crash a ceremony inside a bar full of vampires.

My only plan was to find my friend Mae, to get distance from my apartment and the stalker who left a note for me there. So, when the bartender slid me a live-in job application, I considered it the best option to avoid owing Mae yet another favor.
That was how I found myself in a female lineup, standing in front of three of the most gorgeous men I’d ever seen. Only, they weren’t human, and the job wasn’t at all what I’d imagined.
These vampires had their own choice to make.
And that choice was me.
Caught somewhere between good and evil, Cade has always battled both sides. After joining the Selection and having his hands tied, the vigilante struggles with his new role. As the danger becomes clear and my stalker’s identity is revealed, his priorities shift in a direction that could end more than the time I have left with them.

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