Vengeance by Rebecca Grey (ePUB)

vengeance, rebecca grey

Vengeance (The Prince’s Games #1) by Rebecca Grey – Free eBooks Download


There has always been more bad than good in Nilsa Windsor. Those qualities work well for a mercenary hired to kill. Rather than fight or face her demons, Nilsa happily revels in them.

As one of the few remaining humans in a society of diluted Elves, Vampires, and other Immortal bloodlines; she’s running out of options in her fight to survive.
The leaders of her criminal town have offered her a new life, more riches than her wildest dreams and much, much more in exchange for one thing: the heart of the king. She has one opportunity to gain an audience with King Caspar and to win his horrifying game—no matter the cost.

When a strikingly handsome man searches her out to invite her to join his team for the Oasis Games, she knows he’s her ticket in…as long as she can ignore her budding attraction to him. What she doesn’t know is that he’s hiding a few things too.

Will Nilsa outlast her opponents in the deadly Oasis Games? Will she be able to fight the feelings inside of her that draws her to this new man? Or will her humanity get her killed?

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