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Vegas (Stormy Souls MC #1) by Payton Hunter – Free eBooks Download


I’m the club princess, a role I never asked for nor had any choice in. My brother is the current President of the Stormy Souls MC. He’s an overprotective, typical Alpha male, but then, all the members are. It’s understandable after the turbulent and violent times the club has been through.
I don’t want anything to do with that life, and I try to stay as far away from the club as I can. But when my best friend is hospitalized, it sets off a chain reaction that forces me closer to not only the club but the one man I should never even look at, never mind anything else.
Vegas embodies all that I despise about club life. He’s cold, hard, and sexy, and his need for absolute control is evident in everything he does. I try to avoid him at all costs, but when secrets threaten to drag me down, I wonder whether I can confide in him without causing a war.
He’s everything I shouldn’t want, but maybe his darkness is exactly what I need.

I’m a long-time member of the Stormy Souls MC, and I’ve spent most of my life living for the moment and for the club. They’re my brothers, replacing the family I lost years ago. Over the years, I’ve watched as the club slowly changed from pure 1%er to earning its money by completely legal means and giving a shit about its members and their families.
But I’m not a good man. I’m not proud of everything I’ve done and would still do in my club’s name, but I am proud to know that I’ll protect my chosen family with everything I have. And that protection extends to an untouchable woman who has haunted me for two long years.
Ash is untouchable, and that’s fine by me. I have very distinct tastes when it comes to women, tastes that are driven by my need for control. She doesn’t fit my lifestyle, so I try to avoid her at all costs. But fate has other ideas, and we seem to be thrown together through one event after another.
Getting involved with her would cost me dearly, but for some reason, I’m unable to sever the connection we have.

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