Vapor’s Blaze by Aria Ray (ePUB)

vapor's blaze, aria ray

Vapor’s Blaze (Savage Legion MC #7) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


Trix is pure taboo. Rival prez’s kin, promised to another VP for alliance. Saving her might be my downfall, but letting go could be ours.
Our first meet? A damn explosion. A rave party—no names, no strings, just raw, electric chemistry. The morning after, I find out she’s with the Hellfire Hounds, our biggest rivals. I’m heading for the hills.
Our second meet? A damn realization: no matter how hard I try, Trix is like catnip I can’t resist. She says she ain’t nobody’s old lady and she ain’t lyin’. It’s worse—she’s the granddaughter of the Hounds’ Prez.
Falling for the Hounds’ princess? A death sentence.
Her grandpa’s marrying her off to some old vice prez to cement an alliance with the Grave Diggers. They don’t care what she wants.
When I hear about her arranged marriage, I snatch her. However, Trix doesn’t see me as her savior. To her, I’m just another biker taking advantage. It’s a lose-lose, but I gotta convince her I’m not like the a-holes she’s grown up around.
Keeping Trix safe means risking it all. But she’s mine now, and I’ll burn down the whole damn world to prove it.

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