Vanessa’s Bravery by Tina Folsom (ePUB)

vanessa's bravery, tina folsom

Vanessa’s Bravery (Scanguards Vampires #18) by Tina Folsom – Free eBooks Download


When Vanessa Giles, community outreach manager at Scanguards, saves a sex worker from being killed by a rogue vampire, a sequence of events catapults her into the path of the mysterious human internet entrepreneur Cole Whitlock. He’s moved to San Francisco to seek a cure for an ailment he can’t reveal to anybody, least of all to Vanessa, whom he’s inexplicably drawn to even though he believes her to be a high-class escort.
While Vanessa has to hide from Cole that she’s a vampire, yet wants him to get close to her, things get more complicated when it becomes clear that somebody in San Francisco is turning unstable young men into vampires and lets them loose on the unsuspecting public. Scanguards has their hands full to protect the city, while trying to capture the rogue vampire and uncover his motives.

Can Vanessa risk Cole finding out what she really is, so she can protect him from becoming the next victim of the rogue, or will he recoil from her and forsake the love that has started to grow in his heart?

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