Vampires and Vendettas by Storm Song (ePUB)

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Vampires and Vendettas (Vampires and Vendettas #1) by Storm Song – Free eBooks Download


When it comes to running from your problems, I’m a god damn track star.
And believe me, I have enough of them to fuel an entire cross country team.
Over protective parents who want some grandkids? Check. ✓
Shitty ex? Double check. ✓✓
A big old, juicy quarter-life crisis?
Check-mate bitches. ✓✓✓
So I did what any stressed out med student would- drop out and move to New Orleans to follow their dream of being a veterinarian.
Just me? Okay.
Somewhere between dodging calls from my mother and student loan collectors I managed to fall in love with the city.
But my life is turned upside down when I save a wounded wolf from dying and my eyes are opened to a supernatural world that I only thought existed in movies.
How the hell was I supposed to know he was the prince of the most notorious werewolf gang in the French Quarter?
I find myself caught in the middle of an age old, supernatural mobster feud.
And even worse?
I love it.

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