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Vampire (The Devil’s House MC Pennsylvania #5) by Mhairi O’Reilly – Free eBooks Download


I knew Nicolette was mine as soon as she walked into the strip club looking for a job. I knew she didn’t belong in my world, and she was definitely hiding from something. So I gave her a job waiting tables so that I could keep an eye on her. I was very interested in Nicolette, too interested. She breathes innocence from every pore of her body, and THAT is exactly what has me determined she will be mine. Only, I’m not innocent; I’m dangerous. They don’t call me Vampire for nothing, and I’m the Sargent at Arms for a reason. Nicolette’s shy and timid nature has her running scared of me, but when what she is running from finds her, it’s me who will protect her and kill for her.

I ran away from home, where I was being forced into an abusive situation. I would rather die than marry the man they chose for me. So I ran across the country to Pennsylvania, where I got a job waiting tables in a strip club owned by the motorcycle club, The Devil’s House MC. I was hired by Vampire, who makes me nervous with the intensity of this stare as he watches me night after night. When I do get the courage to talk to him, I am so shy I can’t even look him in the eye, and when he commands me, I obey, and I melt from his praise. And when I need his help, he is there to protect me, but my family is powerful, and I’m not sure even Vampire can keep me safe from them.

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