V-card Vacation by Abby Knox (ePUB)

v-card vacation, abby knox

V-card Vacation (Filthy Dirty Summer) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


I’m the last one of my friends who’s still a virgin. At the age of 28, I’ve stopped looking for a Mister Right who makes my heart pound; I’ll settle for a Mister Right Now to show up pound it out with me. No strings attached. So when my best friend books a girls trip to a remote island resort, it’s the perfect opportunity to have one quick fling with a stranger. If I’m not good in bed? No problem! I never have to see him again. Too bad my hot diving instructor didn’t get the “no strings attached” memo. Cody agrees to take care of my little problem, but he’s creating a bigger situation by trying to get to know me. Why is he bothering to remember my likes and dislikes? He knows this is a sure thing. Well, too bad if he gets attached to me, because a long distance relationship is not part of my plan.

I love my job here on the islands. I’ve got my family, friends, and access to the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. There’s only one piece missing to my puzzle. I want to settle down. I’ve been waiting my whole life for just the right one. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic who’s looking for my lightning-bolt connection. I’d thought until today that I’d have to leave the islands to get my wish. When resort guest, Bree, dives into my life, I know I’m sunk. She’s my lightning bolt, but all she wants is a quick jump start. Although I’ve agreed to help her with one tiny, minuscule problem and then never speak of it again, I just know that I’m not going to hold up most of that bargain. I’ll help her, but I already know we’re too good together for just a one night stand.

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