Urn My Love by Sedona Ashe (ePUB)

um my love, sedona ashe

Urn My Love (Just Walk It Off #1) by Sedona Ashe – Free eBooks Download


I was living my best life in the afterlife…
Until a klutzy phoenix flipped the laws of life and death on their head.

As the Queen of the Phoenix Afterlife, I was responsible for finding a way to fix the chaos the delightfully rebellious firebird had created between the world of the living and the… well, dead.
Working together, we found a way to send her back through the veil between our realms. Unfortunately, things went haywire as Ryls and her mate went through, and I ended up landing in the Earth realm too.
Now I’m in a world I was never meant to exist in.
And I’m afraid something else slipped through with us… I have to track it down before it unleashes the phoenix version of pandora’s box on the earth. And I have to do it before the veil between the two worlds becomes completely unstable and collapses.

I’ll need to generate a lot more power to accomplish either task. According to Amaryllis, what I needed to do first was find a mate… or mates.
I’d never expected to have mates, or love, so where on earth was I supposed to start looking?

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