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uprooted, erica montrose

Uprooted (Florae #1) by Erica Montrose – Free eBooks Download


It’s never the expected things that uproot a stable life, it’s the unanticipated that rips it from your grasp.
I finally had the life I’d always wanted.
The perfect small town. A business to call my very own. The little found family that came with a community that accepted me for who I was.
There was even a guy I was trying not to fall in love with. A guy who was an open book one moment and mysterious the next. Sure, we kept our relationship quiet, but I couldn’t stop my heart from hoping for more.
One night of desperation and shattered glass brought it all crashing down. And not just my life, but the entire world.
Luckily, my sort-of-boyfriend had an ace up his sleeve. An ace I never saw coming.
My name is Aidan Walker, and this is the story of the day my world changed.

Uprooted is the first book in this MM paranormal post-apocalypse series that features a brand-new species of shifter and the humans that fall in love with them. This series must be read in order, although each book follows a different couple to their HEA before moving on.

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