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Up in Lights (City Lights, Rainy Nights #1) by Destiny Blake – Free eBooks Download


You’ve heard the saying – never mix business with family.
Too bad for me, my best friend has the same rule about friendships and love.

I’m playing baseball in the minors and having the season of my life when Delilah shows up in the stands, looking like my idea of salvation. She’s the embodiment of perfection in cutoff shorts and my t-shirt, but her presence can only mean one thing.
I know what I want and it’s not to be the shoulder she cries on before getting into another relationship. I know there’s no one in the world that will protect her heart the way I could.
Del has always been a runner, except this time, I’m the one to send her sprinting.
But actions – even those made out of love – have consequences. When I come back home 15 months later, I find out our consequence is six-months-old and has my eyes.
Del has secrets and I have a career across the country surrounded by friends who feel like family. Now I’m the starting pitcher for the Seattle Tempests in the major leagues. I’m no rookie and I’m ready to get exactly what I want.
Too bad for Delilah, my mind is set on her.
Our chemistry exploded in the darkness of our hotel room that weekend, but can we make it work with both of our names up in lights?

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