Unwillingly Yours by Brook Wilder (ePUB)

unwillingly yours, brook wilder

Unwillingly Yours (Korolev Bratva #1) by Brook Wilder – Free eBooks Download


I’m forced to marry the monster who murdered my brother.
Aleksey Korolev is cold, calculating, and more handsome than the devil.
I had no choice but to marry him in order to protect my family.

I’m to be his smiling bride.
I’m to honor him and kneel before him in submission,
I’m to accept the terms of our forced marriage.

No matter what.

And he made it perfectly clear the moment he slipped his ring on my finger:
The same hands stained with my brother’s blood will hold me in his bed.
One night after another until I give him what he wants:

A child. An heir. A future that I never wanted or asked for.
No matter how hard I fight, or how loudly he makes me scream…

As I’m drawn deeper into Aleksey’s dangerous world, I find myself doing the impossible:
I start longing for his touch, and I start falling for his wicked heart.

Our shared past is dark, but Aleksey’s own secrets are even darker.
Secrets that threaten to destroy us both, unless I make an unbearable choice:

Forgive him for the crimes of his past.
Or let the forces that brought us together drive us forever apart.

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