Untying Her Bonds by Lizzie Owen (ePUB)

untying bonds, lizzie owen

Untying Her Bonds (The Shaw Saga #2) by Lizzie Owen – Free eBooks Download


Nathanial Rivers, is a single father, just trying to survive his hectic schedule as an ER doctor and keep up with his six-year-old daughter, Sophia.
Things were going well, until the nanny ups and quits.
When the town’s meddling café owner suggests Adalyn as the solution to all of his problems, he’s skeptical but also desperate.
She’s new in town, young and broken… but also beautiful, kind, and Sophia adores her.
He takes a chance and hires her. What he doesn’t bank on is falling for the nanny.
Adalyn Shaw, a sassy, carefree college student.
After surviving a traumatic event, she needs somewhere to feel safe and there’s only one place she can think of: Fraser Colorado, where her sister lives.
She escapes, leaving her life behind in Sacramento, hoping to heal and then get back to her old life.
But sometimes life has other plans.
One smart, loving, and awesome kid makes her rethink everything she ever wanted… and so does Sophia’s dad.
There is danger lurking in the shadows, waiting to threaten the new life Adalyn is trying to build. She’s going to have to fight for the life she so desperately wants, hoping that Nathan is willing to fight with her.

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