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Untouchable by Kathryn Thomas – Free eBooks Download


She tried to ruin my career. Now, I’ll ruin her.
I’m this league’s worst nightmare.
Good looks, hard body, and a scandal sheet a mile long.
She was here for her next big story.
I’ve got something else big for her to get her hands on.
The media says I’m everything wrong with professional basketball.
Pure talent and athleticism can’t bury the scandals and ghosts from my past.
The last thing I needed was another reporter looking for their next big story.
But that was before I saw who they sent.
She’s here to uncover my latest scandal.
But one look and I know she’s going to be that scandal.
She wants to use me for her next big story?
I’ve got something else big I want her hands on.
I’m going to show her just how bad I can be.
Just how far I can push her.
Use her.
Until she can’t decide if she wants to beg me to stop.
Or beg me for more.

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