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untapped melody, emma bray

Untapped Melody (Rock My World) by Emma Bray – Free eBooks Download


Melody is not a fan of modern rock music. She’s more into music from bygone eras than that from her generation, but when her college roommate insists she go to a rock concert with her and a few other friends, she reluctantly lets them drag her along. She doesn’t know anything about the band they’re seeing except its name. That’s why when Melody is about to pee her pants and stumbles into the lead singer’s dressing room, mistaking it for a bathroom, she has no clue who the hot dude is.
The pretty little brunette who stumbles into Xavier’s dressing room is like a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t know who he is, and she’s charmingly adorable. She even goes so far as to imply she couldn’t care less about his band or his music. He’s never wanted to impress anyone as badly as he does her. That’s why when he gets up on stage to sing, he’s singing only for her.
But Melody has issues of her own and instead of swooning, she’s filled with panic.
Xavier knows that Melody is the only one for him, but can she overcome her fears to be with the famous rockstar?

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