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untamed, mj hendrix

Untamed (Redford Ranch #1) by MJ Hendrix – Free eBooks Download


She’s a Dixon. A good girl. The mayor’s daughter.
I’m a Redford. A bull rider with a criminal record.

And if our family rivalry wasn’t enough, Rosie Dixon is my little brother’s ex.
When I’m released early from the prison her father put me in for shedding Dixon blood, seeing her working on my
family’s ranch is the opposite of a welcome home. Her father is determined to ruin us.
I want her gone almost as much as I want her body.
But I have a strong suspicion that the only reason she’s here is to spy on me, and I’ve learned to keep my enemies
Even so, finding her in my bed in the middle of the night is a shock.
But when she’s beside me, the nightmares don’t come. And there’s no better revenge I can extract from Mayor
Dixon than stealing his daughter’s heart.
All I have to do is guard mine.

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