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Everett Tull is devil. So what if he’s our biggest high school football star in a generation? Who cares that he’s all sinew and sex? He runs the school like his harem. He thinks he’s above the law cause he’s a prospect for the MC that runs our little town.
And he looks at me like I’m garbage. He’s a prick through and through. Once, I loved him. But three years ago, when I needed him the most, he abandoned me. Now my spineless mom and his worthless dad are getting married. I have only one mission: keep my distance, graduate and leave him and this shitty town behind. If only I could stop thinking about him lying just a few feet away.
And stop remembering how bright the world felt when our bodies were tight against each other…

Eliza Tull. Sweet, cute, nerdy Eliza Tull. I would have done anything for that girl. I just ended up chasing her away. Fuck her. I’m proud of what I’ve become. I’m fine with the abject scorn in her eyes. But now perfect little Eliza is sleeping just across the wall from me. and I can’t stop thinking about what could have been. So what if it’s all past? She should know what I am. I want to bare myself to her in every way imaginable. Even if it ends up destroying me. o knows what it means to fight back. They call him deadly, but to me, he looks like life. Those muscles could set me free in more ways than I dare dream. If only I could reach him.
In this town, I reign supreme. Even Cartel kingpins fear my strength. They drown me in riches to see it on display.
I know the truth. I’m nothing more than a mutt rolling around for treats, chained here by the weight of my past. Then I met her – the broken pixie who saw me as a man to trust. I thought freeing her would mean my redemption. She might just turn out to be my salvation.

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