Unpermitted Love by Lizzy West (ePUB)

unpermitted love, lizzy west

Unpermitted Love (Crossing the Line #4) by Lizzy West – Free eBooks Download



After moving into my new apartment in a completely different state, the last person I expected to find as my next door neighbor was my sister’s step-son. I haven’t seen him in years, but according to my sister, he’s bad news and to be avoided at all costs.
From the outside, he does have all of those playboy qualities and traits; he’s a successful CEO of his own company, he lives in a bachelor pad, and did I mention that he is stunningly handsome with his chiseled jaw line and deep dark eyes? But looks can be deceiving. There’s something about him that makes me want to dig a little deeper, and peel back what lurks beneath his mysterious exterior.
Even if my sister did get it wrong about him, he’s still forbidden fruit. Which makes the thought of taking a bite all the more appealing …

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