Unnecessary Roughness by Rheland Richmond (ePUB)

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Unnecessary Roughness (The Package Deal #3) by Rheland Richmond, Emerson Beckett – Free eBooks Download


Jackson Kincaid
When my best friend, Allison, died in a car accident, I suddenly became the parent of my ten-year-old godson. How was I supposed to play football for the Portland Pirates and be a full-time single dad?
Adjusting is the name of the game. But thanks to my friends, and Simon, the team doctor, we’ll heal and make it through.
Did I mention he’s my best friend, and I can’t stop my having dirty thoughts about getting him naked? Keeping my feelings a secret isn’t easy or the only obstacle I’ll face.

Simon Taylor
As my new friends like to say, I’m the hardass team doctor that lets nothing get by me. But somehow, Jackson did.
While helping him adjust to his new reality, I wasn’t prepared for my new feelings for him to surface. Especially when I didn’t know I had them. Jackson and his godson have stolen my heart and aren’t letting go.
It doesn’t matter that our relationship might be considered forbidden or that he’s fifteen years younger than me. I want things with him that I’ve never wanted with anyone else. Especially a man.
Jackson and I deserve to be together no matter how rough things get. Some things are just worth it.

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