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unhinged, blake pierce

Unhinged (Cora Shields #3) by Blake Pierce – Free eBooks Download


In this action-packed mystery thriller by #1 bestselling author Blake Pierce, Cora Shields, 30, former Navy Seal turned FBI Special Agent, will stop at nothing to catch a killer—but she is stunned, after bending one rule too many, to find herself fired. At the pleading of a military friend, Cora scrutinizes a case long closed by local cops—and realizes that this case is far wider-reaching, and more dangerous, than she ever expected.

On the outside, Cora Shields is a total badass. A Navy SEAL veteran and a top agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, Cora has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to catch a killer. What no one knows, though, is that she’s a wreck on the inside, addicted to painkillers and deeply depressed.
Cora, working as a vigilante, is the only one who would dare take on this case.
She knows that if she succeeds, she can save a woman’s life in time.
And if she fails, she may just find herself behind bars for good.

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