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unforgivable, leona page

Unforgivable (Not Quite an Alpha) by Leona Page – Free eBooks Download


Tale of a Luna

A Reverse Harem Wolf-Shifter Erotic Romance.

Lyri is a rejected she-wolf, but only she and her mate know the devastating truth. Her pack lives in ignorance of their alphason’s betrayal of his truemate. Instead, his choice is celebrated and loved. Fiercely determined to gain her place by her mate’s side, Lyri fights with everything she has… and fails spectacularly.
Her mate’s father, the Alpha, declares Lyri nulla venia, unforgivable, and sentences her to suffer a brutal punishment under the Moon.
Lyri would have died, but three males take her to their home to heal. Now, Lyri must make a decision, does she stay and choose to belong to these males, or does she flee to live alone in the wilderness?
Her decision will have consequences that she never imagined, but she is already unforgivable. Can she finally win her battles, and become the she-wolf she was meant to be?

Warning – This story contains mature subjects including sex, mention of sexual violence, violence, and language.

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