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under parr, blair babylon

Under Parr (Last Chance, Inc. #1) by Blair Babylon – Free eBooks Download


Jericho Parr is a tall, handsome, cocky rich guy who’s gotten everything he’s ever wanted in life with a twinkle in his devastatingly blue eyes, but he’s going to lose this time.

Newcastle Golf Club is the hub of my community. So when hunky Jericho Parr buys the club and is going to change it, I’m going to fight him every step of the way.
Fighting him would be a lot easier if Jericho wasn’t a cocky flirt who knows how dang handsome he is. With a dirty sparkle in his blue eyes and an iron determination, he’s out to change the most important parts of NGC.
When I try to reason with him, he won’t budge an inch. When I try to explain the importance of it, he smiles that dashing, mischievous grin and goes right back to work.
So I’m going to try everything to get him to listen to me.
Everything is on the table, and on his desk, and in the shady clearing behind the fifth fairway.
But he’s still working like a demon to obliterate the charming parts of NGC like he’s on a deadline.
Something else was going on with him.

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