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Undeniable (Haven Falls #5) by Sheridan Anne – Free eBooks Download


Nothing could prepare us for the secrets we were about to uncover or the dangers that would come out to haunt us.
Our lives are very quickly spiraling out of control and we’re struggling to keep breathing.
Rivers is gone and we don’t know when he’s coming back, Tully’s heart has been shredded into tiny pieces, and Noah’s doing his best to appear as our fearless leader, but I can feel that he’s broken inside.
Seeing my father laying helpless in a hospital bed put some things into perspective, and it’s about damn time our pack stands tall once again. We’ve been torn apart from the inside out. Trust has been broken, secrets exposed, and heartbreaking lies unraveled.
But not anymore. I won’t stand for this. Our pack won’t stand for this. We will make it right, vowing to take down anyone who dares stand in our way.
These are our lives are we’re claiming them back.
That is until the unthinkable happens.

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