Unbreak My Heart by Romeo Alexander (ePUB)

unbreak my heart, romeo alexander

Unbreak My Heart (Heroes of Port Dale #4) by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Eric: At least my old police partner is leaving due to a promotion. Like everyone else in my life, my first and only love, Blaine Edwards, simply left me. Now he’s my new partner and the last person I want to see. But after eight years of nothing, I get to see him every day. I don’t care what he thinks, there’s nothing between us anymore, even if it kills me to say that.

Blaine: After eight years of military service, it’s time to do something new. Police work seems like a good transition, until I run into Eric. Of course, he hates me. Thing is, all it took was one look and I know what I’ve always known, all I ever wanted or will ever want is Eric. I don’t think I’m alone in that either, the trick is getting Eric to see it too.
Misunderstandings drove them apart. Fate has given them a second chance but will they take it? Will a near-fatal explosion and the sudden appearance of old love letters help? Love stands on a knife-edge in this story of two of Port Dale’s finest police officers.

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