TwoCents by J.E Daelman (ePUB)

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TwoCents (Raging Barons MC #13) by J.E Daelman – Free eBooks Download


The saga of the Raging Barons MC continues with TwoCents, the club’s unassuming Officer and Gentleman Treasurer who usually hovers in the background, is now front and center.
TwoCents has quietly watched and cheered as his brothers find their Old Ladies. He thought his life was full between his work and life at the clubhouse. Then, one absolutely normal day, he gets on his bike and his life changes forever.
A funny thing happened on the way to the bank….
He never thought a task as mundane as making a bank deposit would be interrupted by a robbery, nor have the gun pointed at him. Before he could make a move, a spitfire bystander jumps to save his life, severely injuring herself in the process. He needs to make sure she is ok and jets to the hospital.
On this day, two worlds collide, and life is never the same…

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